Scattering & Eco Cremation Urns

Our ScatterPod range is ideal for the scattering, storing or burying of ashes. Available in 3 sizes (Adult, Medium and Keepsake) and in up to 14 different designs. They are very easy to use and full instructions are included.

Also available in Pet sizes and designs.

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  • Keepsake ScatterPods

    Keepsake sized ScatterPods for storing, and scattering, a token amount of ashes.

    At 10cm tall, they are the smallest size available, and are designed to retain a small amount of ashes, for keeping, scattering or for further use, such as in memorial jewellery.

  • Medium ScatterPods

    Medium sized ScatterPods, that will hold around half of the ashes of an adult. Ideal if you want to split the ashes into two, either for two siblings, or for scattering in two different locations. Can also be used for children's and pet's ashes too.

  • Adult ScatterPods

    Our new range of ScatterPod scattering urns are the easiest way of storing and scattering the ashes of your loved one. No glue is required with these, and each Pod is supplied with it's own carry bag.

  • Pet ScatterPods

    Our pet ScatterPods are ideal for storing and/or scattering the ashes of your dearly loved pets. Available both in pet size and keepsake size.

  • Child & Infant...

    Our child ScatterPod is now available, and is suitable for the ashes of your dearly loved child or infant. Also available in a keepsake size.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items