About Urns

Funerary urns have been used by many different cultures and civilizations over the centuries, and offer a fantastic way of keeping the ashes of a loved one or beloved pet close to you.

Traditionally, funerary urns would have been made from materials such as ceramic and wood, but these days metal urns offer a modern way of keeping the ashes safe, and can also be used outside* and used for burial*.

Metal urns can be sourced in both full size adult urns, as well as minimature keepsake urns, for keeping a token amount of ashes behind.

Alternatively, eco-friendly scattering urns are purposeful if you want to scatter the ashes in a particular place, or even for the burial of ashes. Again, these are available in adult sizes, in addition to medium (half adult size) and again keepsakes where a token amount of ashes can be retained.

*Please note that whilst metal urns are suitable for the storing of ashes outside, and the burial of ashes, the paint finish will deteriorate over time.


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